Khiops Python API Docs#

Welcome to the Khiops Python API documentation page.


Khiops is better installed with conda package manager

# Windows
conda install khiops -c khiops

# Linux/macOS
conda install khiops -c conda-forge -c khiops

More details and other install methods are documented at the Khiops website.

Main Submodules#

This package contains the following main submodules.

sklearn submodule#

The khiops.sklearn module is a Scikit-learn based interface to Khiops. Use it if you are just started using Khiops and are familiar with the Scikit-learn workflow based on dataframes and estimator classes.

core submodule#

The khiops.core module is a pure Python library exposing all Khiops functionalities. Use it if you are familiar with the Khiops workflow based on plain-text tabular data files and dictionary files (.kdic).